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10 random facts

I got a little message saying to do 10 random facts and I am currently being forced to do it! So here goes. 1) I really like cats, I am a total cat person. 2) I strive really hard for good grades because I want to go to a university. 3) I’m in love with debating, it’s my passion. 4) I’m still a pokemon nerd. 5) I basically like any guy that’s nice to me it’s so sad haha. 6) I am the queen of snarky comebacks. 7) I frequent the beach way too often, I grew up in the desert so I never take it for granted. 8) I run track and field, but I faked medical clearance because I was deemed unfit to run. 9) Nine is my all time favorite number. 10) I have a picture of my ex boyfriend blatantly staring at my tits that I now reserve for blackmail.


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First light in the Canyon was extremely cold, but such a beautiful site to see.

Banff National Park  |  Daniel Zenker



Sunset in Utah #1

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this is so perfect.  i think that moments like these are what life is all about
Went to the beach
Tiny Hand