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Starting to think that sunrises are better than sunsets

I bet he’s really hot

Photo by Scotty Sherin



✿ I love you, little flower ✿

Those of you that haven´t decided where to go on a summer holiday, what about Iceland? Well, I know it´s expensive and you can´t guarantee sunshine and warm weather even and there are no white beaches and palm trees. In fact there are not so many trees at all unless in people gardens and you can experience a snowstorm in June! 
But you will see something unique and maybe visit places like this, set at the base of a spectacular canyon with a beautiful river running through it. there will be peace and quiet and if you climb to the top of one of the surrounding cliffs or mountains you will see the wide open spaces with the coastline at one side and glaciers at the other. 

Photography by Álvaro Bueno
Tiny Hand